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About Leslie

Educated as a aircraft avionics engineer, I have done almost everything else since, leaving the industry in 1979.

Met my wife Helle on a Kibbutz in Israel seeking adventure during that time & soon after moved to Denmark. We married in 1989.

2006 was forced into early retirement after 13 years at Copenhagen Airport.

With 2 grown children & a place in the countryside, I now spend my time with d.i.y., my net sales & marketing that lead to some very solid Technology businesses all bubbling quite nicely in the back ground.

Keeping myself fit & active in various ways & love to Travel! Who doesn't :)

I Continue to have much fun on the internet, meeting many folk from all walks of life from places around the world.

My Mission.

Driven by principles of loyalty, integrity, faith & excellence, I passionately & responsibly seek to enhance the visions & wealth of others by providing innovative & premium quality opportunities, unique business technologies & giving back the shared enjoyment of being Successful.

Some of the most important factors to consider in any New Opportunity should be:-

1. The Product- What is it? Has it appeal? Will it sell, have you use for it and has it the potentil to help you?
2. The Support- Is there any? Are they responsive? Do they care?
3. Does it pay?- If earning money is a priority factor... how are commissions paid? How Often? Is the process a fair & easy one?
4. The Risk contra 'Investment'- Are there subscription fees involved? Where do the the commissions come from? What are the potential returns. Is it Free?
5. The potential for Longevity- Is it dynamic, sought after? What is the potential for growth?

Hope this helps otherwise PM me.

Thanks for visiting

- Leslie Banks -
World Wide Waffals!

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Alvin Swift Committed
I highly recommend this person and his program,very professional.

Recommendation on Haves: GBBG's Bitbillions
Chris Du Preez Advanced
Leslie is someone you can trust and he is always willing to help, where people need advise or clarification of something.
Steven A. Donaldson Magnate III Premium
When you need honesty, reliability and candor, Leslie is the man to consult!

Recommendation on Experiences: Founder Member, Business Builders Club
Edson Ferreira Professional  
Leslie is a good guy and he is allways trying to find more opportunitys to grow personally and earn get knowledge ... great marketer

Recommendation on Experiences: FAC & Founder Member, GBBG Bitbillions
Hop Trieusung Magnate III  
What started as an unorganized, autonomous band of like-minded individuals has developed into an efficient software producing machine filled with talent and potential. For 10 years now, an underground organization known only as ‘GBBG’ has been evolving. Please keep Leslie Banks in your hand for share the great experiences from him

Recommendation on Haves: GBBG's Bitbillions

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