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    Solar Power Systems Increase Community Resilience
    Today, solar power systems provide a highly effective way for communities to improve their chances for being better able to function in the case of potential widespread emergencies. Communities must adapt to the many changing conditions and th...
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    Are Your Solar Powered Lights Not Working – What Could Be Wrong?
    Solar powered lights are increasing in popularity throughout the world, providing you with a cost effective and environmentally friendly lighting solution that you can rely on and trust. There are times when your solar powered lights don’...
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    4 Questions to Ask Before Investing in Solar Panels
    Installing solar panels on your roof allows you to generate free, clean energy while reducing your bills and helping the environment. PV solar panels are becoming increasingly common across the UK as more people begin to understand the huge be...
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    How Solar Energy Systems Work and How They Benefit You
    All around the world and especially in the US, people are adopting lifestyles that benefit the earth by limiting chemical use, power use, and just all around choosing to “go green”. One of the ways that people are changing their li...
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    5 Advantages of Solar Power
    There is much awareness now across the globe about solar power and the ways we can use it to save our environment. Apart from the use of renewable solar energy to generate electricity in our homes it has several advantages. Here are the top 5 reasons...
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    What Goes on Inside a Solar Panel?
    A solar panel is a device which converts light into electricity. They are erected on roofs or buildings which face the sun. Many scientists call these solar panels photovoltaic’s, which means in simple terms “light electricity̶...
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    What Are Solar PV Panels?
    Units containing one or many photovoltaic cells for the purpose of producing electricity are known as solar PV panels. As it is evident, the abbreviation ‘PV’ stands for Photovoltaic. The invention of Photovoltaic cells has led to ...
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    Solar Power – What’s in It for Me?
    Solar energy has several benefits over conventional energy. Although it will cost to retrieve energy from the sun, the energy itself is free. Solar energy is unlimited. The Earth’s atmosphere will not be damaged by its emission gases. Many home...
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    Organic Photosynthetic Solar Cells Over Silicon Solar Cells
    As the great spectre of climate change continues to loom large over the future, the search for viable, renewable energy sources is becoming ever more important. Solar power has long been seen as a vital ingredient in our clean energy future. W...
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    How Does a Solar Panel Work
    You must be aware that solar panels are categorized into two types, these are; the ground mounted solar panel installations and the roof mounted solar panel installations. Both of them are technically similar as they are designed to absorb sol...
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    Solar Power – The Perfect Energy Source
    Solar energy is the light and the heat from the Sun. This energy is free, unlimited and, it doesn’t cause any pollution, which makes it the perfect source of power. With the availability of very low priced easy to install DIY solar syste...
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    How Renewable Energy Sources Work
    If you want to lower your monthly electrical bill, solar energy is a good choice. Learning how solar energy works is an essential to your diy solar panel project success. There are many renewable energy alternatives. So what are solar panels a...
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    What Makes the Commercial Solar PV Worth the Purchase?
    With the office space equipped with all the advanced facilities, the high electric bill is expected. It is gradually becoming a big concern for all the businesses. Everyone is looking out for solutions to cut down on the cost of electricity. Well thi...
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    Why It Is Important To Save Energy
    Simple Payback Payback is a relatively simple concept. If caulking costs $ 100 and allows you to save $ 100 / year in fuel costs, has a recovery period of one year. If insulation work costing $ 1,000 and save $ 200 / year in fuel costs, it has...
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    Future of Alternative Energy For Homes
    There are many different alternative solutions to your energy needs on the market. Many of these alternative energy products help produce energy for your home, for all of your electric and electronic needs, without breaking your bank or burnin...
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    What Is Going Green And How To Accomplish It
    What Is Going Green? Many people hear the words “going green” and are not exactly sure of what “going green” means. Going green simply means not doing anything that causes harm to the environment. For example- Currently...
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    Ever Wonder How Solar Panels Produce Electricity?
    Electricity: it may seem mysterious since it’s invisible to most of the senses (except touch), but you can still get the gist of how solar panels work without being a science expert. A standard solar array is a relatively simple unit, consistin...
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    Solar Power Generators – Be Prepared
    Solar generators, generator green energy, can be a great tool to keep it charged and ready to go during bad weather and to support you while you are in remote areas. Power outages occur for a variety of reasons and there is nothing like being ...
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    Four Simple Steps on How to Clean Your Solar Panel at Home
    Have you noticed that more and more owners are turning to renewable energy sources for their homes? This change from traditional sources of non-renewable energy sources renewable energy is fed primarily by the rising cost of oil and diesel, an...
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    Solar-Powered Floating Island is an Off-Shore Green Retreat
    What could be a better hotel to use drifting along the coast in its own floating autonomous station? Designed by Michele Puzzolante, this aquatic evasion is a floating island-style Waterworld offered a slice of the good life – even when ...
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