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    Why Solar Energy Is a Good, Renewable Energy Source?
    These days we hear a lot about using organic products, biodegradable products, recycling plastics, etc., to minimize carbon footprint and save the environment. But we do not realize that unless and until we minimize consumption, we can not rea...
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    Most Efficient Solar Panels
    In trying to create the most efficient solar panels, pay special attention to the portion of the backsheet of the panels. A backsheet layer is the solar panel which solar cells are arranged. The other side of this backsheet, more precisely in ...
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    What Is a Photovoltaic System?
    This is a common question from the uninitiated. A photovoltaic (or PV System) is an installation of solar panels that can be used to provide electricity and if you generate more energy than it needs, can be fed back to the network. Domestic ph...
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    How to Buy an Ideal Solar Power System for Your Home
    Concerned about the sudden increase in their electricity bills? You want to get rid of this problem? Why not switch to solar energy and live a tension free life thereafter! As electricity prices are increasing day by day, people began to feel ...
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    Use Solar Energy to Earn a LEED Certification
    LEED certification for buildings or commercial facilities by installing a solar power system is a way to save costs on your bottom while establishing energy independence. As a happy side note, LEED designation and use of solar energy is also a very e...
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    Climate Change – The Real Deal
    It was in the spring of 2011 which was long remembered by the scale and horror of many violent tornadoes that tore through the Midwest and parts of the eastern United States. With the massive flooding of the Mississippi River in Illinois all t...
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    Solar Panel For Home
    Learning that the solar panel for home, a person can use in a DIY situation, pay attention to the parts of the solar cell is essential. A photovoltaic cell, also called a solar cell, is the main component that generates electricity in a solar ...
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    How To Make A DIY Solar Panel
    The economic vitality is essential for both individuals and earth. As a family unit, with the possibility of saving money for electricity bills is an extraordinary method of management. Rather than spend more money in fees, they can put someth...
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    Solar Deck Lights and Solar Post Lights
    Solar lights and solar lights bridge post capitalization can significantly improve your deck, patio, stairs or ramp, and improve safety and security around your home. With good planning and good lighting, your deck can easily become a place of...
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    An Island made from plastic bottles by Richart Sowa
    Where some see a simple garbage Richard Sowa saw a way to make his dream. More than 150,000 plastic bottles used to create this magical floating island, talk about creative recycling! Watch this video to learn more about your almost completely...
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    The first fully solar-powered school district should happen this summer
    Students in a small region of southern Iowa again see the great technological changes in the fall. The more workers were to transform school buildings in the first district of Iowa completely powered by the sun. In January, the district WACO f...
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    How Does A Solar Panel Work?
    In researching the topic of “How does a solar panel”, we find contradictory information on how energy is produced by the panels and the cells themselves. A number of solar cells should be connected in series to achieve a usable vol...
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    California Set To Give Solar Panels To Low-Income Families For Free
    California is the best state in the country if you want to go solar – but only if you are rich enough. Due to the steep initial cost of $ 15,000, only the middle to high-income families can afford to install solar panels. An original ini...
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    Four Advantages To Building New Homes
    If buying a home is distressing, to build one from scratch can be downright stressful. Construction of new homes, however, offers four advantages. Unlimited Customization Many people would like to live in a home tailored just for them. Most do...
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    The Benefits of Installing Solar Panels
    Solar panels are special devices that capture sunlight and convert it into usable electricity. Cells from these panels are arranged on a large area for maximum efficiency. As the sun shines on the surface, the lenses capture sunlight and chann...
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    Pakistan Turns Desert Into a Sea of Solar Panels
    ISLAMABAD- One of the world’s largest solar plants in Pakistan to provide clean, reliable and help reduce chronic power shortages in the country opened. The plant, spread over 200 hectares of desert land in the southern Pakistani provinc...
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    Akon hopes to Provide 600 Million Africans with solar power
    Akon began its “Akon Lighting Africa” “to bring millions in Africa electricity through solar energy. According to reports, rapper and producer tries to get people in Africa to electricity thanks to this initiative. The eyes o...
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    Solar Energy Is Feasible for Prevalent Energy
    The debate about solar energy is feasible to produce widespread outbursts of energy and is likely to continue for some time. In today’s time, everyone is aware of solar panels and their ability to provide benefits to the individual owner...
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    4 Ways Solar Panel Installation Can Benefit Your Home
    If you’ve heard a lot about the growing popularity of the installation of solar panels, you may wonder what are the benefits. There are many, to help save the environment to save money on your monthly bills. Learn how this energy source provide...
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