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Hi I was born in Perth Western Australia and my parents and brother still live in Western Australia. I have two boys with one studying computer software engineering in his third year and the other boy is considering his options. I now call Newcastle NSW Australia home.

I joined the RAAF when I was 15 and a half. After 9 years I decided to leave the RAAF and went back to Perth for 3 years before re-joining the RAAF in 1993. The main reason for this was I missed the life style.

I then spent the next 11 years at Williamtown NSW. During this time I ran my own computer business part time from home, started getting interested in alternative health methods and spiritual development meditation. I went on to teach this for 5 years before I moved to Wagga Wagga due to work. I now conduct home sessions for friends and family

While at Wagga Wagga i began my Vocational education and training degree which i completed in 2008. In 2006 I transferred to the Royal Australian Navy.

Since joining the NAVY I have been to the Gulf three times, and visited dozens of different countries. One of the highlights was visiting AQABA in Jordan and seeing Petra. Simply amazing. On return from my first gulf trip I started to recognize that working for the Navy was not going to give me the freedom I wanted.

I began investigating how to build a business from home that would make money while I slept. It has taken me a while but I discovered the blueprint to creating a successful home business. I now teach small groups of 5 people how to follow the blueprint to build a business from home that can provide the freedom and income people desire.

I'm ready to mentor, coach, and help 5 more savvy people become financially free in the next three years.

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