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I've been marketing , recruiting and offering business opportunities to my connections since 2003
Since 2013, I started WorkStaff USA Staffing Agency, LLC- see the website for employment request and business opportunities. go to:
I'm really glad I started this marketing, recruiting and offering business opportunities; doing so I was able to progress in my marketing career. Now I'm getting HUGE pay checks working from the comfort of my home, and loving it and loving what I do.
I'm a happily married mother of 5,and grand-mother of 6. I love live life, and as a Christian and I give the all mighty God the honor and the praise. I always wanted to be in business for myself, so that I can be able to stay at home with my children and be able to have a career and work from my home office .

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  • Taj Mahal Tour
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Helen Smith Committed  
Thomasina is a resourceful, multitalented friend who always look for ways to help others!
page Senior
hoping to connect even further and wanted to let you know of a great tool with comf5 a technology refresh... connect futher on skype also goentskype
Tunde Obasemola Committed
Thomasina is a consistent innovative hardworking business person who is always ready to offer assistance. She is always willing to share her online business experience.
Nubal Vidal Innovator  
Thomasina Hinds is a great leader. No one better. Very focused on the marketing business.
Tanveer Hussain Babar Professional  
Thomasina is a hardworking business person she always ready to offer assistance and willing to share her online business experience. She is very knowlegeable and also loves to help people. lots of.blessings and great success to you .Thomasina is a resourceful, multitalented friend who always look for ways to help others!

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