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Joined APSense since, July 3rd, 2010, From Toronto, Canada.

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is definitely one of my passions, this is why I love this one:

Originally from Austria,
I came to Canada
a few decades ago and established myself in the business world.

I became a Paralegal first and worked in law firms for 10 years and thereafter
became a freelancer working from home, doing the paperwork for various smaller
law firms, and did that for another 10 years. However, I had to realize
that being self-employed did not provide me with the freedom and independence I
was yearning for. In fact, I became even more of a slave, as my income stopped
simultaneously with my idleness, again preventing me from enjoying the fruits
of my labour.

When the time came for the PC to become ubiquitous in all offices and homes, my
livelihood was threatened and my skills and services became redundant. I
then decided to go into a more "concrete" business and bought a Pet Shop
as a going concern, which also housed dog grooming and a dog grooming
school. I had between 5 and 10 employees and thought that they would make
my life easier and take care of part of the business for me. WRONG
again! They actually created headaches and grievances I had never before
imagined or come across. I owned and operated the business for six years.

Finally, I had to succumb to and learn about computers and the Internet to acquire
new skills in the marketplace. It was (and is) not easy, but I
persevered, just so that eventually my hard work might pay off and create the
life I've always wanted: Personal and Financial Freedom to do the things
that make me happy and to enjoy life to the fullest, even if it happens at the
dusk of my life.

I have dabbled manifold in my attempts to find, create and grow an online
business. Some have failed and some are finally coming to fruition. I
would like to share those with fellow marketers and exchange them with theirs.

The new technology era is, for the first time in history, ma...

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