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My name is Dallas, I'm the founder of a group called the poverty fighters.

I have always wanted to find a way to help people but for the longest time really didn't actually sit down and think how I could help make a real difference. July 19, 2005 my mother was shot and killed and one of the last conversations I had with her was her telling me that I really needed to to settle down and make something of my self. We had this conversation on a Friday before she went out of town for the weekend to visit my sister then around 1 or 2am Monday morning I got woke up with two police men knocking on the door telling me that my mother had been shot and killed.

The last conversation I had with her replays over and over and when I was at the viewing I promised I would do what ever it took to make her proud. So I went to work on making myself a man I know she would be proud of. About 8 months ago I got laid off and decided I was not going to work for anyone else again and I saw where there were a lot of people in need so I sat down and started putting together plans on how I could really make a difference. Then the Poverty Fighters were born.

Have you ever heard the Chinese proverb "If you give a man a fish he will eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime" ?

This is my concept behind The Poverty Fighters, We plan on teaching all those in poverty how to make money with no money, We are going to help the unemployed become their own boss. We are going to really make a difference in the lives of millions.

I feel that I am offering the best opportunity that has ever been created.

we are just starting out I'm looking for a few very sharp people that will help us get a better start, people that have a way to really get The Poverty Fighters in front of more people, people just like you!

Please join our family and help us change the world for the better learn more at http://povertyfighters.net

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Bobby Cousins Innovator  
Thank you very much for creating the Poverty Fighters. I have never seen a better opportunity and I have been doing online marketing for over 8 years. I could not have asked for more support. Thank you
Malok Mading Senior  
Dallas is a very good friend who is hard working and helpful. I am honoured to have known him.
Zelomi Vega Advanced  
I bought a 'talent' from Dallas and he has been amazing. He exceeded my expectations, and not only that, he provided me with a lot of free information and resources I didn't aks for. He has been amazing and is a pleasure to work with him. If you have doubts: DON'T. That's all I can say. He is an excellent person with lots of resources, and does an amazing job.
Teresa Simons Freshman  
You never cease to amaze me, just when I think you can't make the Poverty Fighters any better you do. The free webinars every Thursdays that we can bring guest to so they can learn all about what an amazing opportunity we have. Wow I can't wait that web address for the webinar was www.gvowebcast.com/conference,alldaywebinar# right? Anyways everyone this guy is amazing he has helped me so much and there is no way I could have ever asked for more support. Please come to our free webinar Thursday at 8:00pm EST. you don't want to miss out I know I don't. Thank you so much Dallas for all of the help you have and still are giving me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You.
Teresa Simons Freshman  
The Poverty Fighters Are All About Helping People! They want you to be successful and they have helped me so much and gave me so much there is no way I could ever repay you all for everything you all did to help me, thank you very very very very much. You guys are amazing!!!!

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