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CLAC Trading trade in Agriculture, Minerals and Metals Commodities and Oil from sources around the world.
We import/export Worldwide.
(+65 8319 1268 / +65 9127 9925 /

Commodities Items/Products Actively Traded By CLAC Trading:
- Gold Bars/Bullions
- Coals of various grading (5100-6300)
- Rice (5%-25%) /Parboiled/Long Grains/Basmati
- Tungsten High Grade Bars
- Used Rails (R50-R65)
- HMS 1 & 2 (80:20)
- Cement (42,5N/RASTM C-150/32.5/42.5/52.5)
- Olive Oil (Peloponnesian/Elliniko)
- Palm Oil
- Cooking Oil
- D2 Diesel
- M100 Oil
- Crude Oil Different Types
- Iron Ore
- Nickel Ore
- Scrap Metals
- Scrap Vessels
- Investment Opportunities
- Business Opportunities
- Other Commodites/Products

You Name It, We Have It.

CLAC Trading mode of doing business focuses on trust, loyalty and mutual understanding for total customer satisfaction.

D’Liteful Services,Your One Stop Delivery Needs.
(+65 8319 1268 / +65 9389 4274 /

D'Liteful Services provide one-stop logistics and delivery services for online businesses like sprees, blogshops etc. Let D'Liteful Services handle your delivery needs and with our competitive pricing for our valued clients, it increases your business service quality yet light on the pockets.

Please do not hesitate to contact D'Liteful Services at (65)8319 1268 or and we will be glad to assist in any queries or quotations required. Visit us @ for our range of B2B Services.

We, D'Liteful Services, look forward to hear from your prestigious business and hope to be of service to your business. Contact us to know more.

Events/Outdoor Events/Private Parties/Media Outreach/B2B Networking/B2C Networking and many more...
(+65 8319 1268 / +65 9127 9925 /

Looking for ways to reach your products/services to the masses? Contact us as WE are the solutions!!

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