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★ I Live in the Beautiful North Woods of Wisconsin. Blessed Mother & Grandma that Loves life, Former Bar Manager turned full time Global Entrepreneur who is Passionate about Helping Average People Build Their Business.

★ I love to live, laugh and enjoy life...The greatest joy in my life is my family. I live in positive emotions and I love to surround myself with positive like minded people who have a burning desire to succeed.

★ What Chery Schmidt is up to online:

★ Chery Schmidt Success Coach

★ Partnering With Like Minded Entrepreneurs To Set Up Solid Foundations So They Can Start Doing What They Love.

★ Internet and Network Marketing Mentor and Coach.. Help Others To Create More Leads And Conversions For Any Company, Program Or Product Using Proper Social Media Marketing And Relationship Building...

★ Before Becoming A Full Time Successful Internet Marketing Professional, I Spent Over 25 Years In The Food & Beverage Industry...

★ I Completed My Career Change To Internet And Network Marketing Profession In 2010 And I Learned That In Most Cases, You Can Not Achieve A Wealthy Life Style Of Independence Working For Someone Else.

★ I Strongly Believe By Helping Others To Achieve Their Success, It Will Directly Impact My Success

** Proper Education, Honesty And Earning The Trust of Others Is The Key To Attraction Marketing

★ I Strive To Be Aware Of The Latest Developments In My Field As An Internet and Network Marketing Professional / Blogger / Social Media Expert, And Consultant.

Yours In Helping The Average Hard Working Marketer Succeed Online

╚► Skype: cheryschmidt -- Even If You're Familiar With Skype, Watch My Brief Video Tutorial At:
Then Send Me A Skype Contact Request But MAKE SURE to REFERENCE the Fact That You Need To Get Qualified For YOUR Free Coaching And Video Training.

╚► Phone: 715-484-7107
╚► Email:

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