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About Viktor(Buratino)

I former forex trader, who during his senses and decided that this matter should be dealt with robots, and well protected from bad attitudes.Severe childhood among the submarines, the Cold War, and labor-trader - all duly reflected on my face.
Now I am a fighter for humanity and the advancement of the Internet

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  • trieusunghop
  • Webdesign Berlin
  • GBBG Bitbillions
  • Mann Travel
  • Taj Mahal Tour
  • All Weather Coating
  • FlatsDeal
  • Dot Solutions and Technologies
  • Bonusprint
  • Trade Guys

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Salvo C. Innovator
Finalmente una scuola di dusiness nuova e con idee
Albert Scot Junior
Viktor(Buratino) Zhuravlov Well Experience in Affiliate Marketing, Business, Finance, Internet & eBusiness, Marketing

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