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Sophie Jones Junior   Retreat Leader from Bali

Joined APSense since, December 28th, 2016, From Bali, Indonesia.

About Sophie

Sophie Jones founded her retreats company Bali Weight Loss ( on Bali island in Indonesia to help her clients and guests to lose weight and live the life they want. Getting her start in Costa Rica Sophie Jones learned early on that her guests goals were mostly orientated around losing weight and improving overall health and fitness which is why when she relocated from Costa Rica to Bali she decided to setup and organize retreats specifically for this purpose.

Historically Sophie Jones held and led Yoga retreats in Costa Rica and much of what she learned she now incorporates into her Bali Weight Loss retreats in Indonesia.

You can find Sophie Jones and Bali Weight Loss on social:

And you can find her blog here: and information about her upcoming event in Bali here:

"I love helping others reach their health and fitness goals and I am very much involved in living the healthy lifestyle so I very much enjoy to share what I know" -- Sophie Jones.

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