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Arjun Singh Professional   Electrical Engineer (B.E.)

Joined APSense since, June 15th, 2011, From Aburoad, India.
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I am work on electricity evelution. How to save energy.

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Christofer Clark Innovator
Awesome things your are doing the information has changed my mindset thanks
jesus jesus christ Senior  
I personally dont know Arjun Singh but I know She s a superuser of Apsense. Everytime I came here, I saw " Arjun Singh" in almost every page of APsense... I love this hardwork attitude and You inspire me to learn alot of thing to be success. One thing,...why did You change ur Profile pict with..... Arjun Singh

Recommendation on Haves: Ensrgy Sever
Kirt Ray Professional  
Arjun has very good and very interesting resources and experiences, keep up the good work

Recommendation on Haves: Electrical Engineer
Elitel O. Senior  
I recommend Arjun Singh as an Electrical Enginee. He has experience in many fields of Electrical Engineering.

Recommendation on Experiences: Electrical Engineer (BE), Self Employed
Viktor(Buratino) Z. Magnate I  
Arjun work on electricity evelution. How to save energy. He has been a useful thing that can not leave any one indifferent. On the achievements you can always learn from him

Recommendation on Experiences: Energy Saving, Self Employed

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