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Arjun Singh Professional   Electrical Engineer (B.E.)

Joined APSense since, June 15th, 2011, From Aburoad, India.
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I am work on electricity evelution. How to save energy.

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Pat L. Committed  
Hi Arjun, thanks for your recommendation, I am pleased to recommend you on your experience.

Recommendation on Experiences: Self Employed, Self Employed
jesus jesus christ Senior  
I personally dont know Arjun Singh but I know She s a superuser of Apsense. Everytime I came here, I saw " Arjun Singh" in almost every page of APsense... I love this hardwork attitude and You inspire me to learn alot of thing to be success. One thing,...why did You change ur Profile pict with..... Arjun Singh

Recommendation on Haves: Ensrgy Sever
Shashi Kant Patel Professional
Hi Arjun Singh Ji You are looking Hero, well joke aside you are outstanding individual who is very keen to conquer the world of Online Marketing and the way you are hard working I am sure you will achieve goal very soon. I recommend you for your dedication and realistic approach regarding the market and you will be a great resource for all of you to utilize your unique skills for your upcoming projects -

Recommendation on Haves: Electrical Engineer (BE)
Nilam Patel Professional
Arjun is among the most proactive members here at Apsense and online community as well. One more noticeable thing in him is his pursuit in Energy Saving which is by far recommendable.

Recommendation on Experiences: Electrical Engineer (BE), Self Employed
Vps Malhotra Magnate II  
Vps Malhotra Saving Energy is Creating Energy very pious mission"I am work on electricity evelution. How to save energy" From Abu road Rajasthan Pleasure pleasure I knnow aburoad an nondescript place rly on way to lount Aabu the brahmkumaries HQ Like to communicate All the best 2 sec ago.

Recommendation on Experiences: Electrical Engineer (BE), Self Employed

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