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Arjun Singh Professional   Electrical Engineer (B.E.)

Joined APSense since, June 15th, 2011, From Aburoad, India.
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I am work on electricity evelution. How to save energy.

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Gilberto Galea Senior  
Great Job. Hope you will achieve the goal. It is a very good project.

Recommendation on Haves: Electrical Engineer
Manoj Prasad Committed  
Arjun is a go-getter and the expertise area he has is really awesome. Of course, this expertise area is also very much required in these times, so he has an edge and a great offering as his skill set/

Recommendation on Experiences: Energy Saving, Self Employed
Nilam Patel Professional
Hi Mr. Singh I always be happy to share Idea or tricks to you. pls. keep in tuch.
Nilam Patel Professional
You have an excellent business centre and are promoting some very good stuff there - which is just as important - if not more so..!!! Keep on keeping on!

Recommendation on Haves: Electrical Engineer
Sona Chakraborty Senior  
Join with Amway and be rich with your health and wealth.

Recommendation on Experiences: Electrical Engineer (BE), Self Employed

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