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Arjun Singh Professional   Electrical Engineer (B.E.)

Joined APSense since, June 15th, 2011, From Aburoad, India.
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About Arjun

I am work on electricity evelution. How to save energy.

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Recommendations for Arjun

Gilberto Galea Senior  
Great Job. Hope you will achieve the goal. It is a very good project.

Recommendation on Haves: Electrical Engineer
Manoj Prasad Committed  
Arjun is a go-getter and the expertise area he has is really awesome. Of course, this expertise area is also very much required in these times, so he has an edge and a great offering as his skill set/

Recommendation on Experiences: Energy Saving, Self Employed
Darshika Prakash Magnate I  
I am also a self employed person. We both are boss to our own job.

Recommendation on Experiences: Self Employed, Self Employed
SER Group Senior
If you're looking for an Electrical Engineer look no further! Arjun is a professional and I would recommend his service any day!

Recommendation on Experiences: Electrical Engineer (BE), Self Employed
Manoj Yadav Committed
Hi Mr Arjun Singh, impressive profile & great talent of electrical engineer.....

Recommendation on Haves: Electrical Engineer (BE)

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