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About Anginetta

Licensed in Cosmetology & Massage Therapy determined to own my own Salon and Spa "Debt FREE". Not allowing my past of being a single MOM determine my future of having all that I want in life.

I started out in mail order in 1998, you know, placing the tiny classified ads. Inexperienced and learning from the up and down experience of trying to build a successful business.

Now I am an Internet Marketer and Home Business Consultant, Helping others to achieve their desires, while working toward my ultimate goals. Bringing Networkers together on common ground for the purpose of Making Money and not scaring one another off trying to sell them or persuade them into their business.

Its a WIN WIN situation for all involved. Building Better Business Relationships and Preferred Customer Base.

Success To All, NOW and FOREVER!

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Recommendations for Anginetta

Helen Smith Committed  
Ms Anng, you are a true professional, and I admire your passion and drive for making your dreams work.
Mohemmed Elarby Magnate II Pro  
Hi to all and have a nice day Anginetta W. hard worker & great woman.

Recommendation on Experiences: Licensed Massage Therapist, Anginetta Walker
Nnamdi Agha Magnate II  
Hi Anginetta, I love your 'About Me' section of your homepage most. I love your determination to succeed above all odds. That's the spirit of overcomers. I am glad to have known you through APSense. Do have a lovely day.
page Senior
Glad to meet you - hows it going, trying to further the relationship. blessings skype - goentskype

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