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My name is Aleja, I was born in East Elmhurst Queens New York by my unknown biological mother July 9th 1973 at 7:23 am. In 1976 I was raised in East New York Brooklyn by my church attending adopted parents who still serves as a deacon and deaconess up until this day.

From the age of two through nineteen they physically-verbally and mentally abused me. I was tortured, starved and neglected all through my childhood.

Alcohol became an escape for me while I associated with people-men that added to the painful past of abuse. At the age of twenty five while walking into my first A.A. meeting is when I began to write the very first poem titled Being Alive. On October 17th 2013 I decided to surrender my depression, children, suicidal attempts and thoughts all over to God and now my life is filled with peace, joy and a sincere knowing that God always loved me as he patiently waited for me to surrender it all to him. I feel lighter-eat much healthier now because all those battles with the enemy were not mine to fight but the Lord's.

From there I wrote Twelve titles, 40 Ways To Please A Good Woman, 40 Ways To Please A Good Man, Only the Strong Can Survive, Aleja's Beautiful Poetic Strategy in Recovery, Poems from the Heart Mind Body and Soul, Passions Desires of Aleja the Poet, Thoughts Deeply Rooted Within Me, Seasons With And Without Love, All I Can Do Is Stand which and finally All I can Do Is Stand Part Two, Adopted Abused And Still Standing and Unlocking The Doors Of The Spoken Word which are all Available on paper back, kindle on Amazon.

You can say that I write not just to share a story but to empower-strengthen-encourage people all over the world. My mission has been to lift up the depressed-broken-wounded-injured-sad-addicts-abuse victims-teens-adopted children all over the world.

My writing helps so many people as it allows inner healing to process within me faster. One of the goals is to stop the form of abuse or at least give people a desire to no longer deal with it.
I writes for all ages excluding some of the romance poems that might not be suitable for certain ages. The majority of my literature was written for all ages to read. Unlimited Income For Life

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