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When I first started working online I was very skeptical due to all the horror stories you here about when it comes to Network Marketing.
How do I know what is legit verse what is NOT.

The first thing to do before you sign up to anything is to do research and acquire about whether this is something worth getting into.

The second thing and I find this to be crucial to building your business and professional presence online is
Stick to one Business and build a strong foundation before expanding on to knew things.
If you are flip flopping from one business to another and to another how is anyone going to take what you do seriously honestly.
Professionals in this business did not become wealthy overnight they found a business that worked for them and built it from the ground up giving them credibility and professional contacts that trust them.

Once you find that niche that fits you just right take your time and learn your business and ask questions communication is key to a good business. If you do not know something ask its the only way to learn.

I don't know you nor do I know what type of business you are looking for but if you follow these simple steps you will have success.

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Samantha Delaney

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Recommendations for Samantha

Tony Horton Professional  
This recommendation goes out to my new found friend and net-working buddy Samantha Delaney.I must say that after reading this young lady's Bio I was so impressed with the stride's she has made in teaching, and finding her way around on the internet in order to make a better life for her and her charming little girl. I hope that all of the APSense family get to know and connect with this inspirational Women and Beginner Internet Marketer because I believe she is going to be some to admire.

Recommendation on Haves: 10K Challenge Brand Page
Marcel B. Senior  
Has an extensive knowledge of dentistry as a dental assistant. She knows many symptoms and remedies for those with teeth, mouth, or jaw problems.

Recommendation on Experiences: Dental Assistant Level Two, Dental Office
Mohd Hisyam Abdul Razak Senior  
Great company! Looks like things are rockin' for you!
Magic Man Senior  
Samantha is very good at explaining the 10k Challenge. Just ask her if you have any questions.
Rick Roberts Innovator  
IBO Toolbox is great. I've used it for years.It's a great way to meet new like minded business people to connect with. Plus their press releases do get indexed by the search engines.

Recommendation on Haves: IBO ToolBox

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