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I am a Born Again Christian I have Loved Jesus Since Before I was Born my Name in the Bible means "To Be Like GOD" and I know the LORD is guiding every footstep I make in this world. I am thankful for everything my LORD has Blessed we with and I am happy to know that Jesus is my LORD and Saviour.

I started Network Marketing around 7 Years ago with a friend and Business Partner Donato Leva he is a Professional Cook. He helped me get started with the Start-up Capital, its not cheap to start a business online when you don't know what your doing!

I made a few mistakes and also made a nice amount of money in my first few years Network Marketing but it was never consistent which is what I am sure most of you people reading this are saying to yourselves.

Until recently I acquired a Company by the name of ADSactly and I am currently working on putting together a system that I will finally be able to say "This is ADSactly What I have been Searching for all my Life in Network Marketing"

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  • TraffiCash Alliance InterNETional
  • All Time News
  • PinOpps
  • Marketers Co-Op
  • Seo Services In India
  • Froggy Blaster
  • Zillion Web Solutions
  • ADSactly
  • End-to-End Software Solution Provid

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Deirdre J. Advanced
Great program for people looking for new advertising resources fro their businesses.

Recommendation on Haves: ADSactly Complete Marketing Alliance
Courtney Lawrence Senior  
I recommendation that people who need a way to get great marketing , contact Bruce Bates.

Recommendation on Haves: ADSactly Complete Marketing Alliance
SAYED SALIM M. Advanced  
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Mark D. Senior  
Im a long time member of ADSactly and highly recommend it to anyone wanting quality advertising for there blog, website or business.

Recommendation on Haves: ADSactly Complete Marketing Alliance
Paula van Dun Magnate II  
I am in Adsactly for while now and I am using advertising and hosting. I am very pleased with the great support I am receiving both from Micah and the other owners. Through contacts in skype rooms I got to know Micah better and I must say I am glad I did. He is a very friendly and helpful person.

Recommendation on Experiences: Signatory And Founder, ADSactly.com

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