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Joined APSense since, April 5th, 2010, From Port-au-prince, Haiti.
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6'1", 164lbs... i luv music, i think that life it's all about happiness so i try my best to stay happy as long as possible. i believe in "THE SECRET" (The law of attraction), im actually using it.
My favorite books are: RICH DAD, poor dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki; The Alchimist by Paulo Coehlo; The Power of NOW by Eckhart Tolle.
I believe in PK and TK, the only reason that makes me a millionnaire it's only cuz i HATE thinking about money, i wanna have enough to stop thinkin about it.
i believe in the "PRESENT" momment, there's noting better than it. (in fact, there's nothing else)

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