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Cornish Game Hen - Excellent recipes

by Anand Mittal
Anand Mittal Advanced  
If the Cornish game hen is under 600g in weight:
Make a mushroom and hen’s leg’s forcemeat. Debone the breasts with a large amount of skin.
Pipe forcemeat between the breast and skin.
Smoothen the surface to spread it evenly.
Brush with clarified butter and roast (550 deg F / 175 deg C) for 25 minutes or till it attains an internal temperature of 82 deg C / 180 deg F)
Baste with more butter or pan juices during cooking.
Serve with Madeira sauce

If the Cornish Hen is 800g each in weight or more:
Bub with salt and pepper. Stuff cavities with bay leaves, thyme, caraway seeds, parsley stems. Truss.
Simmer in stock to which star anise has been added.
When nearly done, add the blanched vegetables to reheat them.
Jul 7th 2007 07:38


Nirmit Innovator  
Even though I am a vegetarian, I am tempted to use this recipe for my friends...
Jul 9th 2007 08:43   
Will try this recipe though with plain broiler, not cornish game hen...


Jul 10th 2007 07:59   
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