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Do you find difficult to interact with your APSense contacts?

by Carmen Anca Rus Social Media Marketer
Carmen Anca Rus Committed Premium Social Media Marketer
If yes, why is that?
May 9th 2013 01:09


Carmen Anca Rus Committed Premium Social Media Marketer
15 likes and 0 comments??
May 14th 2013 07:20   
Purnima M. Advanced  Teacher and Writer
I am new so finding it bit difficult
May 14th 2013 10:09   
faii acy Magnate II   GPT Site Owner/Operator
It's not that difficult. After a couple of exchanges you learn whether the person is:
1) Really who they say they are
2) Open to other things than self-promotion
3) Someone who has something interesting to say :)
May 15th 2013 00:33   
Bruce Coffman Advanced   Communication Specialist
I haven't found it difficult. Perhaps there could be more options for interaction, but the ones that are available seem to work well. I am a big fan of APSense and would love to see it continue to grow. I spread the word whenever I get a chance.
May 15th 2013 00:36   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
the private messages are a good way to communicate with contacts, since we see the whole conversation back and forth.
May 15th 2013 00:59   
Joe Henning Professional  Your Profit Connection
I find it extremely easy, but often times people who I write to don't bother to answer, those who do I usually find I become friends with...
May 15th 2013 23:37   
Ajeeb Media Senior  Relationships - business
There is some complexity and restrictions
May 25th 2013 09:54   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
What do you mean, Ajeel Media ?
May 25th 2013 11:13   
Joe Rosenberg Advanced  CPA
aren't there limits on free members as to how many comments you make in a day? I know there is a limit of how many friends you can add in a day.
Jun 30th 2013 13:33   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
@Joe Rosenberg, I never heard of a limit on the number of comments. It would be a bad idea, if for example you start a discussion and you can't answer a question because you would have reached the limit.
Jun 30th 2013 17:04   
Joe Rosenberg Advanced  CPA
Philippe, I agree with you that it would be a bad idea.Still, some groups I can only comment others I can initiate a thread. I haven't figured out why there are differences.
Jul 1st 2013 09:35   
faii acy Magnate II   GPT Site Owner/Operator
Those are setting within the individual groups. After you join it will tell you if you are Contributor or Subscriber. I always leave groups where I am only a subscriber
Jul 1st 2013 10:24   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
@Joe Rosenberg,

Faii Acy just gave the explanation.

Group owners have the choice of having the group members be subscribers, contributors, or moderators.

Subscribers can comment but can't start threads.

Contributors can start threads.

Moderators can delete threads started by other members, and can ban members too.

Like Faii Acy, I never stay in groups where I can only be a subscriber. One thing I do is: in a thread, I ask the group owner to make contributor the default role, because some group owners chose subscriber by mistake. Of course, if a group owner really wants members to be subscribers, it probably means he's not that much interested in other people's opinions, all he wants is to sell his stuff, instead of sharing tips and information.
Jul 1st 2013 10:32   
Joe Rosenberg Advanced  CPA
well I think I am listed as a subscriber in this group. so maybe the moderator can select by individual member. Or maybe people were grandfathered if the group changed along the way. Are you, Phillip and Faii paying members and can do what you want?
Jul 2nd 2013 18:55   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
The APSense Network group is by far the biggest group at APSense. Most members are subscribers, I guess because the moderators want to make sure there is no spam, since the group is about APSense features and announcements.
Jul 2nd 2013 20:05   
faii acy Magnate II   GPT Site Owner/Operator
In answer to your question, no I am not a paying member and no I cannot do whatever I want.
Jul 2nd 2013 20:17   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
Paying members can't do anything they want in groups, Joe. It's up to the group owner and moderators to decide how things happen in their group.

To know what you get as a paid member at APSense, put your mouse over "Account" at the top and choose "Upgrade your account", you'll see a table describing the differences
Jul 3rd 2013 17:38   
Joe Rosenberg Advanced  CPA
thanks, Faii acy, and Philippe
Jul 4th 2013 12:26   
Sue and Shawn Kelly Committed   List Building Experts
It is difficult to communicate because you have to build relationships with each contact. We do not find the time to do that consistently because of promoting our own businesses. I hope I have found an answer to choose 3-4 contacts to build a relationship with for a month and then go on to 3-5 more.
Aug 12th 2013 12:23   
Sharmistha Saha Senior  Affiliate Marketing and Online shopping
Yes, how to do this ?
Jan 18th 2014 06:25   
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