AP Sense Fan Club Of India

what is the eason that this group has not taken off as it dhould?

by Vps Malhotra Free Lancer
Vps Malhotra Magnate II   Free Lancer
there are 5 members in this group though the group was started quite long back ! I am in Canada for the for last 3 and half months but could not devote my self to promotion of this group now on I shall I shall try to promote it on other socio sites
May I request Esteemed Goparajan and Respected Dr Vijaya Lakshmi ( Vijay is incidentally my name also ) to take up the initiative to promote this group if permitted under the Apsense Rules? I hope we should address this question to Apsense Admin for their directions in the matter?
Jan 13th 2013 15:12


Dedy Suhaimi Committed  owner website
i hope u can be succeess n big succeess....
Jan 14th 2013 08:36   
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