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Why I Joined This Group!

by magnolia4851
magnolia4851 Innovator
Hello and thanks for inviting me to join your group. I'm really new at this APSense concept and sometimes forget to visit.

But I joined your group because ..... well, #1, I LOVE to eat!

Seriously, my business is food distribution so this seemed to be THE PLACE to be. I'm hoping that I'll meet up with people who might be interested in my business. It's not the usual pills, potions & lotions, or 1ups, 2ups, get rich overnight, buy this ebook and be a millionaire tomorrow type business.

Just a little about me.... I'm a mom, a grandmother (Mimi) & a caretaker for my mother. I work at home to help support the family. My 16 y/o grandson lives with me and I've set him up in an online jerky business. So that's food related also. We live in Texas. Texans, born & bred. Yeee Haaawww!

Here's wishing much success to everyone!

Nina (pronounced 9-nah)

I'll be interested to meet the other members of this group.
Jun 28th 2007 12:47


Jim Wilkerson Professional   Local Search Marketing Consultant
What a refreshing post Nina! Forgive me for being a little jaded, but based on your title, I half expected to see you plugging 10 different businesses with links to all over the place. Instead, you gave a genuinely friendly, honest, transparent, unselfish self introduction. Wow! Just what I thought social networking was supposed to be. Unfortunately too many times, I see people going in the opposite direction.

Thanks for being a real person!

Jun 30th 2007 20:19   
Anand Mittal Advanced   
I like youJim... From your attitude, your bright smile, your unrelentless appreciation when you see good...

I especially appreciate the brief chat we had the other day on gmail. And Yes. 9na's post was refreshing. I am trying to do that myself.. No promises of becoming millionaires and all that... Just interaction. Let me share what I know and whoever benefits, does...


There are quite a few real people in this group, I would like to inform you Jim.

Take care

Anand Mittal
Jul 2nd 2007 07:04   
Douglas Wolfe Committed   Web Designer & Developer
Hello all,
I love fine food. Though I am not much of a cook. I joined here for multiple reasons.
I love food, I have friends who own hotels and motels & I was invited by Anand. I hope to meet many interesting people here and elsewhere on apsense.
I am also from the Texas
Thank you for the invite Anand.
Douglas Wolfe
Jul 7th 2007 03:42   
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