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Cancer in dogs

by Fred Putnam Marketer
Fred Putnam Advanced Marketer
Two weeks ago I lost my friend and companion to cancer!
I was really blindsided by this.
My dog got to where he couldn't digest his food and it kept coming back.
I took him to a vet and he had cancer in his kidney, liver and spleen.
If your dog displays any of these symptons get him to vet asap.
Jul 26th 2012 08:50

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Mary Rushing Innovator  Marketing, Health
Disease happen because pets aren't allowed to eat the diets they used in the olden days, before "pet food" became popular. It's not responsible to feed "colored goodies" or cheap/purified products.
Just like humans pets need whole foods including real grasses. To LEARN good stuff go to
wysong DOT net
Nov 14th 2012 14:53   
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