Cats and Dog Lovers

Pets and Hot Weather

by Edna Davis Internet Marketer
Edna Davis Advanced   Internet Marketer
Hi all pet lovers. My Dog Jake, a Springer Spaniel love to be outside. We are in an Apartment no yard enclosed so I put a leash on so he can be outside in front of the door. This satisfies him but, I find he needs to be encouraged to come in when it gets hot (it is 90 and up here) because he gets to dehydrated. Water gets to hot to leave out. Anyway he loves it when he gets in and is directly in front of the AC now. Water of course is always available.
Jul 10th 2012 16:14

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Sissy Moss Advanced  Blogger
Hi Edna Thanks for sharing ... shared it out for you
Jul 10th 2012 18:01   
Larisa Biyuts Freshman   writer, translator, poet, blogger
In 2010, when the summer was too hot, some people bathed their cats in cold water (to help and not for fun) several times a day.
Jul 13th 2012 02:16   
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