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dressing up our pets?

by Larisa Biyuts writer, translator, poet, blogger
Larisa Biyuts Freshman   writer, translator, poet,...
I am strongly against dressing up pets for taking a picture, because it looks cruel and they look uncomfortable and ill-treated. And you?
Jun 26th 2012 04:53


A.J. T. Junior  
My female chihuahua always wears clothes, and not just for pictures and it is not cruel. She is too small only a pound and a half and without them she gets too cold or too hot depending on the temperatures. I do not leave her dressed at night but that is because she burrows down into sleeping sacks specially made for her.

I also dress my other chihuahua daily he doesn't need them because he is bigger I think they make him look cute!

I have all my female dogs clothes custom made and I pay a lot of money for most of them, while my male chihuahua's clothes since he is bigger I am able to buy off the shelves and occasionally I will have him something special custom made because it's just too cute not to.

Pet clothes are no more uncomfortable on the pets than your clothes are on you.
Jun 26th 2012 11:16   
Larisa Biyuts Freshman   writer, translator, poet, blogger
I see. I have a cat and talk of her, in fact, and the cats' attitude towards clothes is somewhat special, you know, and I am with them in that :)
Jun 26th 2012 12:54   
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