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How To Earn Money With Your Website.

by Suparna Mondal web surfer
Suparna Mondal Senior   web surfer
How To Earn Money With Your Website

Step 1: registration

First of all you are going to need to register at 2 sites in order for the method to work:
1. aadfocos – click here ::
2. eimparevs – click here ::

Once registered, confirm e-mail and you're good to go.

Registration is free and has no fees.

Step 2: getting credits

Now once you've set up your accounts, go to 2nd website, simply click
on this image:

And keep it open. You are going to get credits this way.

you have just nothing to do except opening this earn views

Step 3: finishing up

Go to submit links, generate some links on 1st website and put them in
there, flick check ip on and enjoy your easy money. Remember, the
more people you share this e-book with, the more money you'll get
(more people will surf = more people will visit your links)

happy earning :D
Jun 7th 2012 01:41


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