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WAZZUB LATEST : Join it , if not !

by UINVESTOR Chotu Kumar SEngg. & Experienced UINVESTOR
UINVESTOR Chotu Kumar Senior SEngg. & Experienced...
Its great news for Wazzub members who has joined it and looking to receive their first payment from Wazzub. Company has already started to verify your Wazzub account and all the members will receive their first payment from 15th June 2012 onwards.

So if you have a Wazzub account, verify this before 3rd June to get paid. If you don’t have Wazzub account yet, just signup


and verify before June 3, 2012.

How to Verify your Wazzub account?

Its very simple and just 2 step process to verify your Wazzub account. You need to upload any of your photo id like driver’s license or passport or even your PAN card to verify your Wazzub account.

So if you have your scanned image of any of the document above, just visit PerfectInter.net, login to your account and then click on the message box that appeared on the left side in your account as shown in the image below.


After you click on the box, a small popup like window will appear as in the image below. Just click on the ‘terms’ link and you will find terms and conditions window. Scroll down the window and click on AGREE link. After that click on the ‘next button’ as given in the same image.


After you click on the next button, it will ask you with your details like name, your address, city, state and pin code. Just enter all the details properly and double check before clicking next. And in the next screen, you will have to upload scanned image of your photo ID. And that’s it. You will get a success message and your account will be verified.

Important steps before you verify your Wazzub account

Please check these important points before you try to verify your Wazzub account-

You need to login to Wazzub community at Wazzub.com and verify that you have the correct birth date as in your document. If you don’t have Wazzub.com community account, create this now.
Your scanned image must be either in JPEG, GIF or PDF and within 3 MB of size.
You might get some error to verify your Wazzub account. So try at least 3-4 times. If you still get the error in verification, try to use Google Chrome if you get continuous problem.
Click on the red color link on the right to make Wazzub your homepage because its very important to keep it as your homepage in your default internet browser.

So what are you waiting for. Just complete these simple steps above and open your door to one the best internet income opportunity. Wazzub may prove to be a turning point in your life.

JOIN : http://signup.wazzub.info/?lrRef=dc16b0ed
May 28th 2012 02:56


UINVESTOR Chotu Kumar Senior  SEngg. & Experienced UINVESTOR
Wazzub Verification Started. Do if Before 3 June to Get Paid from Wazzub

First payment from 15th June 2012 onwards.
May 28th 2012 02:57   
Katakam Srinivasa Rao Advanced   Internet Marketer
I joined in prelaunch time. But I am not verified till date. What can I do to earn money from Wazzub?
Jun 24th 2012 13:01   
UINVESTOR Chotu Kumar Senior  SEngg. & Experienced UINVESTOR
Hi ,

I just saw your message now ! I am not sure if you have upgraded Prelaunch or not . Prelaunch had given 2 options sometimes back to get your levels unlock . I have already done it because I have huge members in my group and most of them have also upgraded .
Wazzub had a deadline to upload some verification documents . Those who did are now called as PSM (Profit Sharing Member ) and are entitled to share profit with the company ! Those who could not do it will be treated as SSM(Success Sharing Member ) and will get coupon , voucher etc !

There are many things happening for PSM member which I can not discuss here . Let us see what happens !
Jul 15th 2012 09:55   
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