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by Stacie Walker Inspiring & Educating You
Stacie Walker Senior   Inspiring & Educating You
I currently have six boards. More in the making :)
May 18th 2012 21:13
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Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
The post is now in the "Links to people" column :)
May 18th 2012 21:16   
Stacie Walker Senior   Inspiring & Educating You
I see. Thank you, Philippe. I am getting the hang of this group. Have a beautiful day!
May 19th 2012 11:08   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
it is indeed beautiful in Quebec city today, and very warm too, tomorrow it will be even better, 27 degrees Celsius :)
May 19th 2012 12:05   
Stacie Walker Senior   Inspiring & Educating You
It is about the same temperature (81 F?) where I live, San Antonio. Beautiful days and cool nights. I have not had the chance to visit Quebec City. It is on my list of places to visit. Wow, that list is getting extensive!Lol!
May 19th 2012 23:18   
Stacie Walker Senior   Inspiring & Educating You
Thank you Nancy Radlinger and Susanna O' Brien for liking this post! You two are amazing.
May 19th 2012 23:19   
Connie K. Senior   Spiritual Counselor
Following. Enjoying the posts. Thank you for the inspiration. :)
May 21st 2012 14:38   
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