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Why women agree to compromise for bare success?

by Kalpna Sharma Social Women Care Security Service Advise
Kalpna Sharma Committed   Social Women Care Security...
My dear readers of and on I have been reading newspapers about large number of women reporting against men for exploiting them on false assurances and promises.

who should you blame women or men?
share you views to educate and find new experiences for women to be educated in future to avoid exploitation. love you OYE
Apr 29th 2012 09:51


UINVESTOR Chotu Kumar Senior  SEngg. & Experienced UINVESTOR
HI ,
I have observed one thing women tend to take advantage of her charm when ever she feels ok . One should rise above in career due to hard-work and sheer efforts . I am observing this sequence continuously since my University days .
I have observed many times female colleagues circling boss all the time or whenever their is opportunity.
Even the boss understands it but no body cares .In this process a women looses her respect and prestige .
When such things don't work beyond a point , she starts blaming the dominance of male or exploitation .
I can tell you from my experience no body can exploit a woman , specially if she is educated , if she does not allow it to happen !
DISCLAIMER : Views are personal .Not to prove or disprove any point .Just to share my experience and Yes there are women who dare to take things on their merit !
Apr 29th 2012 12:09   
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