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Nike Performance Rubber Sole for Prosthetic Running Blades

by sohrab shah medical engineer
sohrab shah Committed   medical engineer
When it comes to single or double-amputee runners, we have seen the application of carbon fiber running blades. The springy substitutes for legs allowso run so fast and naturally, that there is currently a debate over whether or not it would be fair to allow athletes using them to compete against non-amputees.

Carbon fiber does not have grippy qualities. So, Nike in collaboration with Össur accepted this challenge and worked with one-legged triathlete Sarah Reinertsen, to create the equivalent of a shoe that could be used with the blades, thereby resulting into a breakthrough running Nike Sole. Here’s a great video …

Top Features of the Nike Sole
Has an outsole and midsole
Layer of thermal plastic urethane called Aeroply
Aeroply made up of Air Bag units – for cushioning in the soles
Layer serves as an interface between the sole and the blade
9 nylon tabs wrap around the edges of the blade – holds sole in place
A stretchable tactile rubber grip pulls up over a medallion on the blade – no sliding
Mar 3rd 2012 05:45


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