Facebook likes exchange

Promote your facebook fan pages!

by Marlau G. webmaster, Online C- Generator
Marlau G. Committed   webmaster, Online C- Generator
Promote your own facebook pages and get money for liking other pages. It is a poweful engine for facebook pages exchanges!
Feb 22nd 2012 04:57


Chris Coin Professional   Online Marketer
I have seen this concept several times now and i like the idea. The only thing is that some fans could take back their like after a while.
Feb 22nd 2012 05:14   
Marlau G. Committed   webmaster, Online C- Generator
Taking back one's like means Fanslave take back your earnings for that like though. So, it's faire I guess...
Feb 22nd 2012 07:58   
Chris Coin Professional   Online Marketer
Really? That's awesome. I knew sites where they dont check it.
Feb 22nd 2012 08:19   
Marlau G. Committed   webmaster, Online C- Generator
They do they have a profile checker though.
Feb 22nd 2012 08:50   
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