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by Mohann Krish
Mohann Krish Advanced  
A little bit of knowledge of HTML and CSS is useful in many ways to the internet marketer. He or she can avoid dependence on others. Moreover, it is no rocket science!
Of course, reading or learning alone is not sufficient. One has to practice regularly or even visit forums and seek help. The practiced methods must be used in your posts to remember and refresh.
One of the best online learning website is W3Schools.Com.
For practice  visit the Try It Yourself Editor at W3Schools.Com
Jun 20th 2011 01:20


Neville Dinning Professional   Independent Consultant
The W3Schools site is a terrific resource. It's great starting point and reference for the expert. The Try It Yourself editor gives the opportunity to try things out without fear of losing data from your site.

Thanks for this tip Mohann.
Jun 25th 2011 02:35   
Mohann Krish Advanced   
You are welcome, Nev. I am glad you appreciate it so much.
Jun 25th 2011 04:36   
Muriel & Graham Legg Professional   Make your website mobile friendly
Thanks Mohann, I really appreciate this pointer. Don;t know I missed it in my searches. Just what I need.
Jun 25th 2011 05:03   
Mohann Krish Advanced   
W3Schools is an open mine. One can go there with bare hands and dig out the wealth! Thanks, MGs.
Jun 25th 2011 05:54   
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