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Email Marketing Tips & Tricks

by Ety D. employement
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Email is an inexpensive and effective way to reach potential customers all over the world. The convenience of email marketing has made it popular among business owners and has created a flow of marketing messages into consumers' inboxes, according to marketing expert Tiffany Black, writing on the Inc. website. By following a few specialized marketing tips and tricks you can help your email message stand out and get noticed.
Subject Line

The subject line will determine whether or not your email gets read, according to the email marketing experts at the Marketing Vox website. Do not use a deceptive subject line or one that promises information that is not contained in the body of the email. Summarize the message in your email in the subject line to grab the reader's attention. If you are sending information about a new product, then put one of its unique features in the subject line to get the reader to open the email.
Be Concise

If your subject line intrigues the reader, then you will want the body of your email to be effective. To get the reader to take in all of your important information, you need to keep your email concise and get to the point immediately, according to Black in her Inc. website article. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short. Use only important information and then offer the consumer a way to follow up, such as a website to go to or a phone number to call.
Use Pre-Approved Addresses

When you collect email addresses to use in your marketing campaign, be sure that each recipient has given permission to receive marketing emails, says business expert Carol Ellison on the Destination CRM website. This can be done by including a check box on your email sign-up form that indicates that a customer wants to receive marketing emails. When you buy marketing lists, make it clear that you only purchase lists of addresses that have agreed to receive marketing emails. By sending marketing emails to recipients who do not want them, you run the risk of having your company reported as a spammer to Internet service providers. This could suspend your email account and cause legal problems as well.

Email attachments are considered dangerous by IT departments all over the world. If you send out an email with an attachment, there is a chance that it will never get read. Do not include attachments to marketing emails. Instead of attachments, give the customer a website address to go to for more information or a phone number to call.
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