Harrison Cave Barbados

by Dianne Reid Medical Office Assistance
Dianne Reid Advanced   Medical Office Assistance
One of the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia's "Seven Wonders of Barbados'' is this spectacular cave which is one of our island's most famous attractions. The Harrison Cave.. Pictures that was taken by my daughter on her tour to the cave..

This magnificent, crystallized limestone cavern is said to be one of the wonders of the world. Its pure clear water and flowing streams helped to create the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites which propagate the cave. You will be amazed by nature’s mastery as you journey through this living cave.
May 22nd 2011 08:43
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Jasna Sato Professional   Own business,Food Supplement
wow so beautifull pictures ..thank you for sharing ..Dianne
May 22nd 2011 09:06   
Jasna Sato Professional   Own business,Food Supplement
May i know where taken this picture?
May 22nd 2011 09:08   
Dianne Reid Advanced   Medical Office Assistance
Thank Jasna Yes indeed it a beautiful sit Its in Barbados where I live Our magnificent Harrison Cave Inside all Tourist like to visit when they visit here..
May 22nd 2011 09:48   
Jasna Sato Professional   Own business,Food Supplement
Im sory im not familiar the Brbados?
May 22nd 2011 10:03   
Dianne Reid Advanced   Medical Office Assistance
Barbados is a very beautiful island, with lots of art, activities, night life, music, history and some of the best restaurants to be found anywhere. But what makes Barbados even more special, and the reason why so many visitors keep returning to the island year after year, is the people. Barbadians, called Bajans, are warm and friendly souls, always ready to greet you with a sincere smile. Barbadians make you feel welcome and special, in this lovely Caribbean Island. You will feel its your home and will want to come back again and again to Barbados: A unique Caribbean paradise, surprisingly sophisticated, friendly, fun and always Naturally Charming!
May 22nd 2011 10:08   
Jasna Sato Professional   Own business,Food Supplement
thanks for the information..
May 22nd 2011 10:22   
Dianne Reid Advanced   Medical Office Assistance
You are welcome...
May 22nd 2011 10:30   
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