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Testing Testing

by Paul Nulty Entrepreneur
Paul Nulty Professional   Entrepreneur
I have been testing out various different programs and marketing techniques recently, most of them make huge promises with little results, Most programs are designed to put a little bit of money in your pocket and a large amount of money in to the program owners pocket. Well... There is only one way to find something out for sure and that is to try it and see, and when we find something that works keep it going.

Some programs may take a bit longer to grow, Remember this any sort of free advertising is good advertising. Affiliate programs that offer 50% commissions or more are also good.
IBO Toolbox and IBO Social

I have been testing out IBO Toolbox recently and it is a great free source for traffic and blog posting, Which is a good way to get your message out and have it listed in the search engines.

"I have been using IBO Toolbox for almost 2 months now and highly recommend it, I have been building back links with the blogger system and building relationships through the live feed wall" The IBO Social Page is a great way to promote YOU and YOUR Business as it displays all your links, blogs and videos and visitors can even request a live chat with you! 

Create your own profile on IBO Toolbox and view some of the great tools, widgets and dynamic banners you can use to promote your business!


The Social Traffic Exchange of the Century!

Thumbvu is a Social Traffic Exchange with lots of marketing tools inside the members area. The latest dynamic widget is a great feature to add to any website or blog which displays all your current campaigns and links to your social media profiles.

Because the widget works with a java script code and can't be displayed here on this page you can view an example over on my thumbvu blog!

This blog is designed to keep readers informed of what is going on in and around Thumvu.

Users may register for free and upgraded members can earn a whopping 50% Commissions when they refer new members.

Thumbvu is a great place to advertise campaigns, Write Articles and connect with other users.

Live Link Cafe

The Live Link Cafe... You can add as many links in the Live Link Cafe as you like... I just joined and I had recieved 10 unique visitors in the first 10 minutes after signing up...

So Far So Good here..... I just joined so that's all I can say for now...

You can test it out with me for free CLICK HERE
Apr 5th 2011 10:48


Jean DAndrea Senior   Retired
Hi Paul,
I agree with you that many programs seem to be designed to give the majority of the income to the program owner, and a liitle to you.

Most of my marketing efforts these days are with one affiliate marketing venture, where I'm having more success than I've had
with any other program.

Of course, most of the results one gets depend on how much work one is willing to put in............ LOL
Apr 15th 2011 20:48   
Tricia (Patricia) Fahrendorf Advanced   
Hello Gentleman,
I too am a new business owner. I have tried several things and the ones that I find I am getting the most results out of is LinkReferral and Facebook. Facebook of course has a fee involved. You pay for the clicks, LinkReferral is an awesome program because it is based on sites you visit and then the site owners visit your site. Builds rank that way.
I am too poor to have a huge amount of money to spend on advertising. I like Google because they are getting me hits but no buyers yet. I will have to see the bottom line and what I make from the advertising. Interested in all forms of advertising.
May 26th 2011 16:03   
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