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by Madelon J. Hospitality Manager
Madelon J. Advanced   Hospitality Manager
I am founder & ceo of DIR-ACT, online platform for artists and musicians. we started in october 2010 and allready more than 900 acts have registered.
It?s free and worldwide and offers many nice apps.
Try it!
If you want to know more? visit
Mar 13th 2011 03:22


Lennell Davis Junior  
This is Great! How would i go by register my artist??
Mar 15th 2011 17:41   
Madelon J. Advanced   Hospitality Manager
Hi, to register just go to the website and "create an account" as an "act" or "manager". A manager can create multiple acts in 1 account.

After registring (for free) you can fill in your profile page.

Check/Read our FAQ ( to answer all your questions. Good luck!
Mar 16th 2011 03:10   
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