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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

by Darlene Isberg Internet User
Darlene Isberg Senior   Internet User
My Sister-in-Law is a very quiet person.  When my brother and she visit he does all the talking.  And, yet she has a presence about her that is reinforced with her actions.

This Christmas she showed up with a tin of homemade Matriomonial Cake (dates and oatmeal) a bag of a new kind of Roca, a Tim Horton's Coffee Cup and a pouch of TH coffee.  Nothing wrapped in Xmas finery, just sitting in their containers.


Another year she and my brother showed up on Xmas day about 10:30.  She inquired had we eaten yet.  Well, we had sort of.  She said I was banned from the kitchen and then she and my brother brought in an entire day of food, including Xmas dinner with all the fixings.  She had cooked everything the previous day. 


They served bruch and a full Christmas dinner that day.

To me this is the Christmas Spirit at work.  I think she is one of the Angels.

I also believe it is really what Christmas is all about.  Homemade gifts, very thoughtful personal items and love.


I hope you were all blessed with an Angel in your home over the holicay season too.
Jan 3rd 2011 15:29


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