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Getting customers... thru traffic exchanges?

by Connie M. Pyrographer
Connie M. Advanced   Pyrographer
Has anyone here had any success getting new customers to their shop by using traffic exchanges? Seems that most of what is on any given Traffic Ex network is affiliate stuff... I don't want affiliates, I want people to like and buy my products....
Dec 28th 2010 14:30


Darlene Isberg Senior   Internet User
Over all, no. However, with your products, they appeal to everyone and the price is right it is worth a try. Think about 3 mon and then access. Just a thought.
Dec 28th 2010 16:56   
Connie M. Advanced   Pyrographer
I will certainly have to give it some time, that's for sure. Just setting it up once and forgetting about it won't keep the link active in most places. I think I'll still with the AP Sense Traffic Ex for now. If it seems to work, I may try to find others.
Dec 29th 2010 13:21   
Darlene Isberg Senior   Internet User
Send me a message if you like for the 2 I use.
Dec 29th 2010 15:35   
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