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Making An Advent Wreath

by Sue and Shawn Kelly List Building Experts
Sue and Shawn Kelly Committed   List Building Experts

From a craft store

1. get a wire wreath with 4  candle cups in the circle.

2. A candle holder for the center.

3. Get a package of Advent candles 3 pink and one purple

4. One white candle  I usually prefer it to be quite a bit taller than the Advent candles

5.. Spikes to decorate the wreath  I like to use fruit  & berries and one white dove.

6. Ribbon for a bow  solid or holiday print

7. I like to have a round tray to put it on. for fire safety.

8. wire for the bow and Green floral tape.


Start on the outter edge holding the spike against the outter wire of the wreath. Wrap the wire with the tape to secure it and then cover the stem of the spike  adding the next spike continue putting the dove about half way around and contiue putting the bow in place at the end.  Put the wreath on the tray and place the advent candles in the 4 candle cups. Place the candle holder in the center with the white Christ Candle in the holder. 


If you wish put a  Mondonna in the center to the side of the Christ Candle.

Some prefer to use a Cardinal instead of the dove.  I have made these for gifts for my daugher, and several Secret Sisters. I have had mine for probably over 20 years and I use it each year  and have taken it to Church Christmas Celebrations to  help decorate. It is an important  part of our Christmas Tradition but is adaptable to a secular Holiday wreath as well .  Be creative  And let me know  your new ideas you have found.


Dec 13th 2010 03:14


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