Privacy, Security and Identity theft

A little fun this morning

by Cheryl Baumgartner Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical...
Yes it is amusing but the red flags rule is serious business.  Why?
Well if this loan company had followed the Red Flag Rules then This man would never have gotten away with this.
Nov 9th 2010 08:02


Ezee Bids Committed   Online Auction
Cool nice video to watch out. i loved it
Nov 9th 2010 08:05   
Nathaniel Pasion Senior   
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Nov 9th 2010 08:06   
Charlie B. Committed   Mini Staffing
Does This Program Actally work or not please get back to me thanks Charlie
Nov 9th 2010 08:07   
Kaiser Nabola Advanced   
I have never seen this. What a great opportunity to clear ones debt. Get any loan you want today.
Nov 9th 2010 08:26   
Mushtaq Sayyad Advanced  
this video is not working it gives an error
Nov 9th 2010 08:30   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
I have read the article attached to this page. Vere strange rules you have in the USA
Nov 9th 2010 08:33   
Astral *** Committed   Marketer
Hi, This looks great. I am going to research this a little more. Let me know how you get on. Best Wishes.
Nov 9th 2010 08:36   
Andy Johnson Committed   Income Consultant
Very amusing. Thanks for putting a smile on my face.
Nov 9th 2010 09:11   
Lie Wang Advanced   
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Nov 9th 2010 09:25   
Zul kipli Advanced   web designer
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Nov 9th 2010 09:29   
Rifai Sy Advanced   Data Analys
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Nov 9th 2010 09:44   
Vladimir V. Senior   revenue&profits
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Nov 9th 2010 09:48   
David Vasconcelos Committed   marketing
Nov 9th 2010 10:05   
Oleg Spiridonov Senior   &&&
Practical training courses in profiling and the verification of identity document
Nov 9th 2010 10:08   
Elitel O. Senior   Affiliate Markerter
Does this program work for all people in all level of life? Experience and non-experence?
Nov 9th 2010 10:25   
Mark Barczak Committed   Desiner
VERY, VERY, VERY WELL DONE, Possibly it is new advertising trend
Nov 9th 2010 10:37   
R. Weatherly Magnate I   Business Professional
Don't really have time today to look at a video, but I will try and watch the video later
Nov 9th 2010 10:37   
DEJAN T. Advanced   Internet Surfer in All Areas
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Nov 9th 2010 10:39   
Katrina O. Professional   Indiana Water Filters
lol..that was funny...and yes a very serious issue...protect private information!
Nov 9th 2010 11:03   
Ana Boros Senior
Excellent site, I will join.
I like to learn about new opportunities
Nov 9th 2010 11:14   
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