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by Chuck Bartok Veteran Entrepreneur now Sharing
Chuck Bartok Professional   Veteran Entrepreneur now...
We are still opening the lines every Tuesday at 8:30 AM Pacific, 11:30 AM Eastern.
We are now on our 276th episode

This Tuesday November 2, 2010 we will be re-visiting the 6 Steps to Success form Napoleon Hill.

Join us for this discussion and Share your experiences in mastering
this simple Business development System.

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Here is a Link to receive 5 audios and a Text we will be using to discuss from.

Six Steps to Success

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Chuck Bartok
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Oct 30th 2010 10:45


Herbert Gordon Committed   Internet Marketing Consultant
Happy 2011 Chuck! Can you believe it?s already a New Year?

So, Happy New Year.


You can only make a difference in the world when you share and teach what you know, so I thank you for the connection.

When analyzing programs you want to make sure they're Honest, Legal, Legit, Moral, Proven, and Profitable

Well this is Pure Profit-Poetry in motion here. There will be no need for you to get lost in time-consuming research or intense due diligence... especially when it comes to the Internet.

This is where the action and profits will be percolating in 2011. We strive to continually connect our members to the "best-of-the-best" ideas and like minded people within the Internet Social Marketing world.

Have a great day!

Herbert Gordon dba DrMillionaire
Consultant, Coach and Mentor
For Home Business Owners
Teaching The Art Of Working Smart

PS. I'd like to personally challenge you to have a special New Year?s commitment. Commit to bringing the abundance to yourself throughout the year.
Jan 16th 2011 01:52   
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