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ACME People Search - Nine Ways To Earn - Guaranteed $125

by Kareem Shabazz
Kareem Shabazz Freshman
I would like to share with you a way you can start your own internet business for as little as $10/month with the Acme People Search Program. The owner of the program Tissa Godavitarne gives every member a guaranteed $125 for completing three steps.

Here is more detail on the three steps you need to complete
Step 1: Building your  search engine. This step is free

Step 2: Setting up GDI hosting for your search engine. Which is $10 a month but worth it. You can make a full time income with just this program alone.  The money you make from this is separate from the money you make with the Acme People Search program. Here is real time proof of people who is currently making a second full time income with just this program here: 

Step 3: Free PPC advertising until a $125 commission is paid to you. This step is optional and cost 29.95 monthly but you can get a free 30 day trial through trial play. This step can really help you grow your GDI business as well. For more info on the third step go here 
When you get to step 1 there is a small red box that says ?GDI Only? click on the link that says auto-complete the forms below & go on to step 2.
You can see proof of the $125 here:

If you would like to see how much people are currently making with Acme People Search go here: 
If you have any questions email me at:
Feb 22nd 2010 10:50


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