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Earn income from using this search engine

by Debra DeYarmon Coach/Team Leader
Debra DeYarmon Advanced   Coach/Team Leader
Why not allow a new and improved internet search engine build your financial legacy for life? I am certain that if you use the internet at all, there have been times when looking for information via a search engine has been helpful. Needless to say, you used the search engine and, hopefully, found your information, without concern that there was no cost to you to do so.

However, was that use of the search engine, free for everyone associated with it? The answer is unquestionably NO. When we visit a search engine of any kind, we will see a tremendous amount of advertising and ALL of that advertising costs a great deal to be shown there!


Now, here is the point, internet advertisers pay BILLIONS of dollars per year in order for you and I to see what they have to sell, yet we use the internet and it costs us nothing to do so. BOTTOM LINE: WHO KEEPS ALL OF THAT ADVERTISING MONEY? Answer, the people who created the search engine in the first place!

Now, an even bigger question is, how much money did you make last month because you used a search engine to help you learn about something you needed? The answer is NOTHING! Until now, not one single search engine that I am aware of has paid us a penny and they have made BILLIONS of $$$$.

Fortunately, all of that is about to change very dramatically. We can receive a significant monthly paycheck by simply doing what we are already doing now and receiving no financial reward at all.

If this concept is appealing to you, as it was to me, visit http://tinyurl.com/tazvid and it will explain what is going on in a short, 3 minute video. After watching the video, join our team using that same web site. There is no cost and we welcome you in advance to our ever expanding world-wide team!

Thanks for your time and consideration,

Debra DeYarmon

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Dec 4th 2009 00:45


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Oct 4th 2010 01:37   
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