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Skyway, the emerging frontier!

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I joined a company called Skyway Invest Group (SWIG) which is the first and biggest investor in Skyway technologies. Their Facebook group has a wealth of information about Skyway Technologies and their activities. but you have to be a member of Skyway Invest group to be invited to join.

You know when something feels right and the philosophy of the founder of Skyway Technologies resonated with me. The idea of Skyway was conceptualized by Dr Anatoly Yunitskiy in 1978 and over the years, many big conglomerates wanted to invest in his company but also wanted to take control of it. He refused because he wanted his technology to be owned by everyday people. In 2014, he met genius financier Andrey Khovratov and a multilevel crowd funding platform was initiated and Skyway was born.

This is not a program, this is a business which has created a testing facility in Belarus where people have had the opportunity to travel in the vehicles. Its first actual project began in UAE earlier this year and there are memoranda of understanding signed with seventeen other countries. Soon everyone will be travelling the Skyway!

Skyway is an elevated transport system based on string rail technology.See Dr Yuniyskiy speaking about his technology in my ebook. https://trimurl.co/HKC

Skyway Invest Group (SWIG) as I mentioned before is a major investor in Skyway Technologies 600m shares to be exact. The shares are expected to appreciate greatly in value when we go to the London Stock Exchange and as more projects come on stream. We are currently in stage 13 of 15 stages of our development plan.

We have a diverse portfolio of industries in which we invest to spread the risk. These include some of the largest social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the banking industry, land, energy, cryptocurrencies and more.

We recently launched our own crypto unit which will pay loyalty payments to those who choose to invest. Loyalty payments are a first in this industry!

The units are safe as they are backed by our assets. We expect to launch on the open market in October using the blockchain technology which is the ultimate in digital storage.

When you join our closed club, you can purchase our educational packages and expect to be gifted security tokens at a discounted value. When we launch in October, 2019, the cost of the tokens are expected to increase very quickly because of the additional value of loyalty payments which is unprecedented.

Our lives are based on decision and indecision, action and inaction which is directly related to where you want to go in life and how much you want to get there. Will you base your decisions on your current circumstances or will you take a bold leap into the future?

I’ll know when you decide to become a pioneer with us.

Contact me at beginningsbar@yahoo.com for more information.

Judy Shepherd
Jul 14th 2019 17:09


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