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Some great resources for start-ups and home based businesses

by Ashley Baker
Ashley Baker Innovator
Hey everyone! I know we're all here to connect and share info about our
businesses and help each other out, so I wanted to provide you with some great
(and free) online resources.

Now lately, Microsoft has been focusing on helping women entrepreneurs
and work at home moms alike to start up, advance and grow their
businesses.  We have provided excellent online resources (i.e. the Women'sResourceCenter) and we've just
wrapped up a tour that spanned the US,
featuring insightful speakers, and plenty of networking opportunities for the
entrepreneurs in attendance.  It was a big success!
Right now we're really trying to push involvement within the Women's ResourceCenter, drive people to sign up for the
V2V women’s tour webcast, and drive the Microsoft Office Live Small
Business-Advisor newsletter signup.
Vision to Venture
Women’s Entrepreneurial Tour: The tour was awesome! The keynote speech,
"Girls’ Guide to Building a Million Dollar Business", was given by
Susan Solovic (a noted advocate for women in small business and CEO of
Women's Resource Center: A wonderful tool
for women entrepreneurs, with helpful articles, web seminars, advice and many
other inspirations to really build a community for networking and sharing
advice with direct Microsoft involvement to help along the way.
Office Live Small Business: basically a
comprehensive one-stop shop for all of your internet needs -- great for
entrepreneurs and small business owners on-the-go. We’re currently giving out
free website domain for a year (14.95/yr, thereafter), so if you're looking to
bring your business online and need a great start-up site, then register with
OLSB.  Check out David Poque’s (from the NY Times) review.
Newsletter: Don’t forget to sign up for Microsoft’s
free newsletter for some great advice from business experts to keep you updated
about any new stuff going on on our end.
I hope these resources are helpful to you! Please don't hesitate to get
in touch with me if you have any questions.
Official Microsoft Ambassador
Jun 4th 2008 16:07


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