3 Ramadan Buffets At Hotels In Kuala Lumpur To Break Your Fast!

by Sribin Saadong I love to shop online
Sribin Saadong Innovator I love to shop online
The holy month of Ramadan is fast approaching and most of the Malaysian look forward to meet and feast together at dawn with scrumptious spread of local delights and cuisines to start their fast. And then, the best way to catch your loved ones at dusk and break fast is to meet up and feast at buffet spreads organized by the finest restaurant hotels around.

Since during Ramadan, Muslims fast all day from sunrise to sunset and break their fast at sunset, there are endless numbers of Buka Pausa (Ramadan) buffet spreads to choose, that are organized all around the city. After fasting from dawn to dusk, every Muslim wish to break his or her fast with countless delicious dishes and there’s no better way than to hit finest Ramadan buffet in the town.....
Jun 3rd 2019 06:42


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