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Local artist displays innovative piece at Domus - I-AM Brand Identity Design India, Marketing Consulting Services India and Brand Design Agency India

by Aarchi Sharma Brand Design Company
Aarchi Sharma Senior Brand Design Company
When ‘i-am’ got the brief for Domus’ Clerkenwell re-design, one of the elements they were keen to have introduced to the new space was the ability to hold functions or events so they could further support local artists. It seems their support of such causes isn’t just contained within the Domus walls, as some of the ‘i-am’ team found last week.

Domus invited London based artist Greg Shapter to complete a single point perspective piece to sit on the side of their Clerkenwell showroom. Only fully distinguishable from a single spot on the pavement marked with an ‘X’, the piece was intended to puzzle and bemuse when viewed from any other angle. It appears as a map or abstract artwork but only by looking up at it from the ‘X’ can you see that the work is actually a human face.

Shapter’s piece features the face of local architect, prolific journalist and celebrated author Peter Murray. Peter is an influential figure in the architecture, graphic design and building industries and has been involved in some of the most celebrated architecture projects of recent years.

‘i-am’ have always loved the Domus team’s vision and creativity and the support they are giving local and emerging artists is really commendable. If you get a chance, pop by Domus’ Clerkenwell showroom and see if you can find ‘X’ marks the spot..

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Sep 21st 2018 02:16

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