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Summer Getaways - holiday homes in Goa and the Nilgiris and luxury villa in Goa

by Jiya Gera Real Estate Consultant, property dealers, Property
Jiya Gera Senior Real Estate Consultant,...
The hotter it gets, the more tempted we are to pack up and jet off to an exotic locale- somewhere cooler and away from the hassles and worries of work and home. Isprava is in the business of building incredible holiday homes in Goa and the Nilgiris though part of what we do is also creating incredible experiences and memories for our homeowners. We do this by offering rentals which means that before you purchase a luxury villa in Goa, you can get a taste of the Isprava experience and see what it means to be part of our story. We have a concierge service for all our homeowners who are at your beck and call. They can organize a candle-lit dinner and Goa’s finest restaurant or make sure that your kids have enough pool toys when they arrive home. We also have property management service in all our homes which include all your basics like gardening, plumbing and electrical work and luxury additions like 24-hour staff, drivers, car rentals and more.

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Jul 3rd 2017 02:59


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