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by Nicky Louka Youngevity Healthy Knowledge
Nicky Louka Advanced   Youngevity Healthy Knowledge
Over 40 Million ACT "FEEL GOOD" drinks now served...and growing!
ACT is a breakthrough drink that works at the cellular level.
FEEL GOOD" results within 6-10 minutes! Crystal Clear Energy that lasts for hours!

Every cell in your body needs energy to perform critical functions. Other energy drinks are packed with Artificial Sweeteners and Chemical Fillers.

A.C.T. uses natural ingredients—with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives—to target specific metabolic pathways, creating optimal balance and performance at the cellular level. Find out more about
ACT has vitamins, minerals, fruit extracts, herbs and amino acids
It's healthier and safer. A.C.T. is a natural formula that works faster, lasts longer and it's healthier. Visit our members website to receive your free sample
Jul 18th 2016 17:55


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