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New Ink Workspace is less than you’d think from the headlines:Microsoft’s

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As a long-time users of pen-and-stylus-based applications, I was very excited when I read the announcement of Microsoft’s new Ink Workspace in the latest Windows 10 Anniversary Edition preview build. I probably should have known better, since Microsoft has been trolling pen computing breakthroughs for over a decade, and has never delivered anything amazing other than the inking support in OneNote, and that it grudgingly added to Office. The Ink Workspace is cute, and hopefully will at least attract some new users to the possibilities of their stylus, but for anyone who already knows how to use the inking features of Windows, it won’t make much of a difference.

Ink Workspace is really more of an Ink Hub
The Ink Workspace is a menu of ink-related apps and features you can access from the taskbar or by clicking a button on your stylus. Not nearly as interesting or useful as the Air Command menu on Samsung’s stylus-equipped models, but certainly a nice start. The Workspace menu doesn’t appear to be configurable (at least not yet), so it’s mostly only useful if you want to get to Microsoft’s new Sketchpad or Screen Sketch apps. You also get one-click access to an updated version of Sticky Notes, and you can search the Windows Store for pen-enabled apps. That would be more useful if Microsoft’s new apps were more useful
Jun 15th 2016 00:25


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