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by Andrew Bito Tree pruner
Andrew Bito Freshman Tree pruner
I became a member of the Mobile Tech Xpress Facebook Classifieds Page a few days ago and took advantage of the MTX Classifieds Members Only deals in store the next day ! The Mobile Tech Xpress Classifieds is a group where people can buy and sell items . The Mobile Tech Xpress sales associates also post deals of the week for members only. To become a part of the MTX Classifieds you need to request approval by an admin. I was approved within minutes and able to view the deals of the week . This page offers deals of the week such as $10 off all used cell phones, Free screen protector with any screen replacement and $50 off the android TV box . I recommend others join the MTX Classifieds Facebook Page .
May 21st 2016 03:47


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