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So You Think You Know Your Business ABC's

by David Schupbach
David Schupbach Senior  
But you haven't seen MY ABC!!

I would just like to state that there are a LOT of REALLY GOOD RESOURCES here at Apsense in the form of member's  Apsense Business Centers.


I would dare to say there is more here than any one IM could use to the fullest extent in their  lifetime.

One good way to tell if you are making use of everything here, is to see if you know what opportunity each member you are friends with is involved with.

Quick, without looking, What companies or products does Garnet have listed on his ABC?

Did you answer without looking?  (go ahead and look, I,m sure Garnet won't mind!)

What links and resources does your favorite member have?  Better yet, your enroller?


By now, you are starting to grasp what I mean. 

We get so involved with the struggle to market our own products and opportunities, we have no interest in what someone else has to offer.

 This CAN BE a major mistake!!!We should be here to socialise, and learn from each other yes, but that learning can come not only from discussions and comments, but from each other's ABC's.To give you an example: I recently added free tools to my ABC.  YES, FREE!  To my knowledge, no one has yet taken advantage of them.  Another thing we fail to do, is use the testamonials.  Probably because we would have to visit someone's ABC to leave a testamonial?  Hey I am guilty too!  But in the future you will see my testamonial at different ABC's.  IF you check them out! :-)Leaving a testamonial on another members ABC?  Yeah!  More links in More places remember?  And the member on whose ABC you are leaving the testamonial won't mind the boost either!!David
Nov 10th 2007 07:44


Not Here Committed  just want my account deleted
HA HA...Great ad David...darn..think I'm guilty too!

p.s. I don't mind if people visit my abc, even if it is still a work in

Nov 10th 2007 11:40   
Collette Johnson Professional   Collette's Naturals
LOL Great points you have here David!
Nov 14th 2007 16:18   
David Schupbach Senior   
Thanks Collette, Thank you Garnet.
I know we are all really busy, but I think we miss somewhat by not checking out the resources here. For instance, did you know Bill Brown (Bjantiques) has a whole set of blogs about how to make the most of your Apsense? Teodor (Coach Teo) also has good stuff, and Mark Hultgren (MKWeb) has a treasure trove!!
Nov 14th 2007 19:16   
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